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How to spot counterfeit Ray-Ban

Mr. Dapper's quick and easy guide of how to quickly spot if your Ray-Bans are real or not. Check the images further down the page for more details.

Weight – Ray-Ban sunglasses are a good quality item and have a good weight to them. The fake ones just feel flimsy.

Logos – Whilst the fakes usually get the logos right, the best indication is the ‘RB’ etched onto the lens. Ray-Ban actually etches it on, the fakes usually just have it stuck on.

Label on the box – There should be a bar-code label on the side of the box that indicates the manufacturer (Luxottica), the size, the style and the colour.

Arms – The same information from the box should also appear on the arms of the sunglasses in a high quality print that doesn’t scratch off.

Packaging – Packaging should include a matte finish grey box, black or brown case with the logo on, a lens cloth, manufacturer’s note and sometimes a ‘The Icons’ booklet.

Investigate the packaging

Real Ray-Ban sunglasses come in official packaging (see photos above), and should include a set of things.

  • Packaging boxes
  • Glasses cloth
  • Brochures
  • Glasses case
  • Of course, your sunglasses

If you received this then you’re off to a good start.

Code cracker

The sticker on the outside of the box should tell you a few things in order to be correct.

  • The manufacturer’s name (Luxottica)
  • The model
  • Colour code
  • Size

Then you need to be sure to check the information on the arms of the sunglasses.

  • The left arm will usually have the model information
  • The right arm will say where the glasses were made

Fake Ray-Ban sunglasses will not have this information. Please have a look at the pictures below

Logo legitimate

Where is the Ray-Ban logo on the sunglasses? Real Ray-Ban sunglasses have the Ray-Ban logo on:

  • The arms of the glasses
  • On the upper right-hand side of the right lens

Other things to look out for are the Ray-Ban sticker on the right lens and the letters ‘RB’ etched into the lenses.


On the case

Also, the case can give you a good intention if the sunglasses are real Ray-Ban sunglasses.

  • Ray-Ban cases come in black or brown
  • The Ray-Ban logo is embossed on the side (some larger styles, like Aviator may not) and on the button

If you thought you’d hit the jackpot with that bright blue case, sadly you might be looking at an impostor.


Attention to detail

Be sure to check the finer details. Ray-Ban sunglasses are a quality product and the finishes should be perfect.

  • All writing should be correct
  • The lens cloth should feature the Ray-Ban logo
  • The screws should feel secure
  • The product should feel like a quality item

Usually fake ray bans can feel a little light when you pick them up.

So now you know if your Ray-Ban Sunglasses are Real

So there you go, never be fooled again. All of our Ray-Ban sunglasses are the real deal and we stock a great choice of different coloured but if you have been duped by a pair of fake ray bans before, let us know how you figured it out you crime-busting trendsetters.

Mr. Dapper