Customer Checkout Process

What is Customer checkout process?

Customer checkout process is the process that a customer must go through when checking out the items in the cart. This is what the user sees at the frontend.

When a customer wants to check out the items in the shopping cart, the following process must be completed :

  1. The checkout process starts when the customer clicks Proceed to Checkout button in the Shopping Cart or the Shopping Cart Summary, or the Add to Cart button.

We Offer 2 step checkout process :

  1. Shipping
  2. Review & Payments
Checkout Step 1

1. Customers will be default offered with “Guest checkout”, which eliminates customer checkout type options. If the Customer’s email address is already in the store database as an user, then it prompts to login to the account and still provides option to checkout as Guest as show in the below screen shot :

Checkout Process Step 2

Checkout as Guest (Screenshot)

We allow anonymous shopping, a user who is not logged in will be given signup open in the end of process.

Checkout Process 3

2. Shipping quote will be automatically calculated as soon as the shipping information is filled in the first step of checkout which is useful for customers who would like to know their shipping cost before they further process in the checkout process.

Checkout process 4

Default Shipping address as Billing address and if the customer would like to enter different billing address then customer needs to uncheck the “My billing and shipping address are the same” statement in the Payment & Review page and enter the billing address as shown in the below screen shot:

Checkout process 5

Following screen appears, when My billing and shipping address are the same.

Checkout Process 6

Once shipping address is confirmed, Customer can click on selected payment method and complete the payment method.